Deciduous Trees

Thunderchild RosyBloom Crabapple

A flowering crabapple with oval crown and leaves that turn deep purple during the growing season. Small red fruit in late summer. Resistant to fire blight.

Gladiator Rosy Bloom Crabapple

An attractive rosy bloom with glossy purple leaves, pink flowers, small purple ornamental fruit, and an upright crown form. Selected by Rick Durand of Prairie Shade Nursery.

Purple Spire

The newest member of the Dream weaver series of ornamental crabapples, Purple Spire is outstanding for its compact, columnar form and showy purple foliage.

Pink Spire

This upright grower has red-purplish foliage in spring. The flowers are lavender-pink in color and the fruit is red. Developed by Les Kerr.

Starlite Crabapple

Derived from a cross between 'Dolgo' and 'Rosthern', Starlite has fragrant white flowers, glossy green foliage and tiny red fruit. Outstanding resistance to apple scab.

Dolgo Crabapple

A crabapple with many ornamental features. Well known for its showy white blooms in spring followed by brilliant crimson fruit.

Russian Mountain Ash

A cold hardy selection of European Mountain Ash with a dense, upright crown, showy fruit and large, dark green leaves with more regular teeth.

Foothills Ash

Extremely hardy tree with a uniform growth habit, straight trunk and a nice head, seedless variety.

Brandon Elm

A compact form of American Elm. A fast growing, upright tree. A good choice as a large street tree.

Toba Hawthorn

Fragrant, double white flowers turn pink with time. Glossy, disease resistant foliage. Introduced by the Morden Research Station.

Swedish Columnar Aspen

This seedless tree is extremely hardy and can grow in a variety of soils and moisture conditions. The narrow form makes it well suited for planting as an accent or screen.

Trembling Aspen

Pyramidal-rounded shape. White bark and green foliage with small leaves. Golden fall color.

Schubert Chokecherry

This classic cultivar of the native chokecherry has leaves that are green when young but turn dark-purple as summer progresses.

Burr Oak

A native to Manitoba, slow growing, long lived, adaptable to a wide range of soils and very tolerant to drought.

Dropmore Linden

A hybrid of American and Littleleaf lindens, dark green foliage and dense pyramidal shape, hardier and faster growing than Littleleaf Linden.

Rudolph Crab Apple

Upright symmetrical rounded tree with reddish pink blossoms in spring and persistent fruit in fall. Attracts birds, glossy bronze-green foliage to orangey yellow in fall. Excellend specimen or small stree tree.

Honey Crisp Apple

Large red apple, exceptionally crisp and sweet, great for fresh eating, stores exceptional well, ripens in late September.

Coniferous Trees

Columnar Spruce

Perfectly columnar spruce, heavy vertical branching with silver-blue needles. Perfect for vertical accent & narrow spaces. Grows to 3m high and 80 cm wide in 10 years.

Colorado Blue Spruce

A hardy, drought resistant conifer with a symmetrical broad-pyramid form. Useful as a specimen or windbreak.

Some of the trees not listed above that are available include various Pine, Ure Pear, Green Ash, Black Hawk Mtn Ash, Prairie Spire Ash, Weeping Birch, Golden and Laurel Leaf Willow, Parkland Apple, and Makamik.